Introduction to Design Thinking:
The Game-Changing Strategy of
Human-Centered Innovation

Designing a travel app in seven minutes flat
Designing a phone travel app for her team partner in 7 minutes flat

This will be a two hour presentation and introduction to the principles of Design Thinking and Human Centered Design, with an interactive lightning brainstorming session to try out the process. We will cover the three phases of design thinking/ aka human-centered design (hear • create • deliver) and how to employ it as an effective tool for advanced problem solving, rapid prototyping and innovation which can be applied to any challenge. Its principles can be applied solo, or as an effective method for collaborative team innovation.

Balloon Tower Competition
Collaborative team competition: teams have 4 minutes to build the tallest freestanding structure, using only balloons and adhesive tape.

Who is this workshop for? “A Designer is anyone who devises ways to change existing situations into preferred ones.” ~Herbert Simon

We genuinely hope you will join us, from any field, focus or discipline that could benefit from a creativity-based, human centered process for innovation.
These skills are being identified as mission critical for business success in the emerging “Creative Economy”. Consider these two quotes:
“The emerging creative, innovative class … will be the dominating force for the next economy of the 21st century.” ~George Kotsmetsky, “The Economic Transformation of the United States: 1950 – 2000”

“Innovation is now recognized as the single most important ingredient in any modern economy—accounting for more than half of economic growth” ~The Economist

It will be even more vital for those of us engaged in the creative industries to become adept in these principles. Looking forward to seeing you there 🙂

Lisa Hoag, Artist, Designer, Design Thinking Facilitator.
Lisa Hoag is an award winning artist and designer with over 30 years of experience. She has a passion for creativity and innovative business models, and teaches workshops in transdisciplinary design principles, human-centered design thinking and collaborative team innovation. She holds a BFA in Fine Art, with honors from Parsons School of Design, in New York, and subsequently studied art and design in an arts residency in Paris for two years. She has worked extensively in a wide variety of different mediums. Since 1990, she has lived and worked in Western Mass, designing and creating artwork in her studio in Wendell, MA. In 2012, Lisa founded a transdisciplinary design organization which now comprises 160+ members, through which she has implemented many local community design initiatives and projects.